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Monday, June 29, 2009

New orders

The following orders are in place
All Shares good until canceled Buy to cover:
ANW stop 16
AVY stop 30
AIPC stop 32.13
CECO stop 26
BRY stop 23
IPHS stop 17.5

All Shares good until canceled Sell:
SKF stop 37

New order to buy:
Agilent (A) buy 180, 21 stop 21.15 limit good until canceled

Monday, June 22, 2009

New orders

Cancel these orders:

June 14
Buy 60 IWD @ 51
Buy 50 IWW @ 65
Buy 60 VBK @ 51

May 8
Sell short 70 CMP @ 47

Open the following orders:

Sell short 200 EAT 15 stop 14.87 limit Good Till Canceled

Sell short 80 BKE 30 stop 29.87 limit GTC

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Since I started this blog on April 26, the markets kept on climbing, the SP500 opened on Monday April 27 at 862.82 and closed last Friday at 921.23 for a 6.8% gain in the period, the Dow Industrial went from 8039.88 to 8539.73 resulting in a 6.13% gain, and the Nasdaq Composite started the period at 1671.21 and last Friday closed at 1827.47 for a 9.4% appreciation in less than 2 months.

Obviously my bearish stance has proved wrong until now, well I still have an overbought reading of the markets the only problem with that is nobody knows when this condition will end and the markets start to correct. That is why I made my three long orders which until now have not executed.

I believe right now is not the time to go long fully, maybe going short isn’t the answer either but I am keeping my bearish trades open.

I am changing my May 17 order to sell short XLI.

The new order:
Sell short 150 XLI 21 stop 20.87 limit GTC

Trade safe and remember your Gerald Appel.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Going long

Buy 60 IWD 51 stop 51.13 limit GTC
Buy 50 IWW 65 stop 65.25 limit GTC
Buy 60 VBK 51 stop 51.25 limit GTC


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