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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Israel Stocks - Cellcom ( CEL )

On late May 2010, MSCI a leading provider of investment tools for investors globally, including asset managers, banks, hedge funds and pension funds, announced the reclassification of its MSCI Israel Index to the MSCI World Index, coming from the Emerging Markets Index.

With that classification is expected that Israel Stocks attract more institutional investor since the MSCI International Equity Indices are the most widely used global benchmarks in the industry and a number of funds and ETF include MSCI indexes in their investing.

The process at MSCI to reclassify the Israel Stocks started in July 2008, with MSCI analyzing and verifying that Israel complied with the following among other criteria:

The country Gross national Income per capita is 25% above the World Bank high income threshold for three consecutive years.
High securities liquidity of 20% or more than the calculated annualized traded value ratio.
Market accessibility criteria rated very high in the following:
Openness to foreign ownership
Ease of capital inflows / outflows
Efficiency of the operational framework
Stability of institutional framework

It is no surprise then that Israel stocks are outperforming the market as you can see in this graph showing the relative strength of the Israel market represented by the iShares MSCI Israel Cap Invest Mkt Index (EIS), measured against the benchmark S&P 500.

I started to look for dual traded Israelis Stocks and decided on Cellcom Israel Ltd. (CEL), a matured more or less monopoly with a 10% plus dividend yield.

Cellcom shows strong relative strength against the EIS Benchmark, meaning that EIS is set to outperform the markets and CEL is in line to do better than the EIS index.

CEL is not far from its ideal entry point around 28, target is at 32 for a quick 10% gain, consider closing your position below 27.75 for a 5% loss, that is a 2:1 risk / reward ratio.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some Insider Interest and good looking charts.

First I would like the SP500 to cross over 1125 with good volume, along with that happening I would very much interested in trading long these two stocks.

CODI (Compass Holdings)
The Nasdaq site reports 140,252 net insiders shares bought in the last 3 months, also the site reports net institutional buying of 3,742,222 shares.

There is some resistance at 15.30, if the stock gets to break above that level with a more or less high volume there is a pretty chance of a significantly upside. Above that level there is no resistance in the last 3 years, meaning that everybody that holds the stock has a profit, so no one is in a rush to sell.

COT (Cott Corporation)

Nasdaq reports that insiders bought 647,500 shares in the last 3 months, the net institutional activity is 1,510,180 shares bought at this time. COT broke above 6.5 with remarkable volume and is trading above the weekly ema(30) that should act as support.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I shorted OVTI yesterday basing my decision solely on technical reasons.

It will be very difficult for OVTI to overcome the 3 months distribution level.

Also I will be publishing a trade journal. OVTI shorted at 20.51 is the first trade.

Monday, September 6, 2010

For Next Week

Here are the closing prices of the indexes on August 31 and on September 3 and the percent increases in three days of trading.

Index, Closing Price 8/31, Closing Price 9/3, Percent Increase

Nasdaq, 2114.03 - 2233.75 - 5.66%
Russell, 2000 602.06 - 643.36 - 6.86%
Dow Jones, 10014.72 - 10447.93 - 4.33%
Nyse, 6704.15 - 7055.03 - 5.23%

S&P 500, 1049.33 - 1104.51 - 5.26%
Are these impressive gains the startup of a new uptrend in the markets or are they just a dead cat bounce on a market (S&P) that in a four month period (4/23 – 8/24) lost 13.6%.
Let’s look at the support and resistance level in the S&P 500 trying to get some insight on the market.

For the longs:The 1100 level should stand its ground next week, a close above 1110 would be most desirable. Trading between 1100 and 1070 is meaningless, in fact a minor pullback is expected after a 3 day 5+% gain. We’d like the SP to open above 1110 (less than half percent point over Friday close) and stay above 1110 for the day. Next important resistance is at 1130.

For the shorts:
1070 is an immediate support level for the index, an opening below Friday close and a closing below 1070 would be great. There is some minor resistance at 1040 but below that it may be a free fall.

-------------- -------------------- ---------------------------- ----------------- -------------

Other way to look at the indexes are the simple moving averages which have the inconvenience of being lagging indicators, but after they are aligned in the downside, it is very hard and it needs a lot of buying for a stock or index to reverse direction.

The major indexes are still under the wicked dark cross, this signal occurs when the 50-day moving average crosses below the 200-day moving average. For some traders this is the uber-bearish signal. The SP came to be under the cross on July 5 when it closed at 1022.58, since that day the SP had gain over 8%. Maybe that cross isn’t so evil after all.

Previous to the July 5 cross, the ma(50) crossed below the ma(200) on Dec/21/2007, closing the day at 1484.46. After that the SP went to a loss of more than 50% until March 2009 when it started recovering. The dark cross is a signal to be reckoned with.

It is possible to make money buying long on a general down market, also the markets sooner or later are going to recover, meanwhile be very careful with your longs.

One profitable trading set up is the alignment of the 10, 20 and 50 simple moving averages either up or down. This set up on 7/30 failed when it could not drive the index higher; it looks ready to try again.

For long take a look at TOWN and CSR.
For short UHAL looks interesting.


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