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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Beautiful opportunities

Well, when this is going to stop, ich weiß es nicht, nobody knows really, thing is I was wondering, individual investors like myself are the last to know why things happen, so we’ll see the bottom afterwards.
We are not at a five year low, not even a 2 years low, so it’s possible the markets will keep going down or start tomorrow going up and never stops.
One thing is for sure, the No. 1 economy in the world does not have any reason to stop being it, so maybe tomorrow or next year or whenever, stocks are going up again.
In the meantime I am handpicking dividend paying stocks for my long term portfolio, slowly I’ll be looking at companies that I wanted to own for a while.

Today I’m looking at PFIZER INC.
It is a household name
It has over 90,000 employees
At yesterday close of 40.55/stock, it is yielding 3.55%
Its revenue is over 50,000 million Dollars yearly. It is more than the GDP of at least 90 countries in the world. So Pfizer is kind of a “country” in itself.
Pfizer operation produced over 14,000 million Dollars cash yearly for the last 3 years, that is a lot of cash.
And, for the last 5 years PFE has been increasing the cash paid as dividend every year, from 6,580 million in 2013 to 7,600 in 2017.
Now, a thorough study at the industry and the company is needed for a fundamentally based buy, which is for you to do.
The weekly chat of PFE is in a nosedive, so maybe we need to see a trading range before buying.

Shalom alle
Merry Christmas for all


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