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Sunday, April 26, 2009

This blog is all about stock trading, I will be constructing and maintaining a 50K hypothetical portfolio. All my trades are based on technical analysis although I like to make a brief check of the fundamentals.

I like to keep a 15 stocks portfolio at all times either short or long. Sometimes I have short and long positions together, but most of time I trade only one side of the market.

Buy and sell orders will be posted here and also stops and limits.

For my first pick I’ll do a technical analysis of a stock I’m willing to sell short.

Hmsy is a weak stock compared to the Sp 500, since March 10 the SP has gained 27.5% while hmsy has dropped from 32.2 to 29.22 for a dismal 9% loss.

HMSY is trading below the 50 day sma. My first order is
Sell short 110 HMSY at 28 stop 27.87 limit

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