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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Orders Recount

I started this portfolio on April 26 with an initial deposit of 50,000.00
So far the executed and open orders are as follow:

Initial Deposit: 50,000

Executed orders

Bought 80 SKF @ 44 : 3,520.00
Sold short 190 ANW @ 15.5: 2,945.00
Sold short 125 AVY @ 27: 3,375.00

Open orders
Sell short 140 CECO 19 stop 18.87 limit: 2,660.00
Sell short 70 CMP 47 stop 46.87 limit: 3,290.00
Buy 80 QID, 40 stop 40.23 limit: 3,200.00
Sell short 110 HMSY at 28 stop 27.87 limit: 3,080.00
Sell short 140 ADM 24 stop 23.87 limit: 3,360.00
Sell short 195 DF 17.37 stop 17.25 limit: 3,387.00

Cash available to trade: 21,183.00

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