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Thursday, December 1, 2011


I am more or less convinced on this double zigzag because of the month we are, the markets should hold or maybe rally in December. I posted briefly on a market rebound on Nov. 28.

Now, I was expecting the market to drop almost to 11000 because of channel measuring techniques since the 500+ channel broke down near 11600. The market hold above an important internal trend line and that did not work.

Guideline for wave 2 retracing up to 81% put the final c around 12,400, first the market must break above an important down trend line that was topped yesterday.

A triangle is unlikely in wave 2 unless is a complex formation, if that is the case we will have a long time without trend.

So what will be the level of blue b before the final push up to 12400?

Also, can this be a possibility ??

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