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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Old post (12-11-11)

Well, we are waiting for this wave 2 to end if in fact we are in wave 2. Seasonality must have a lot to do with the prolongation of this retracement. I’m going to review some parts of my Sunday December 11, 2011 post, “Again wave 2”.


Original post: A relationship of equals between a and c looks improbable since wave c would end above 13000 so a 0.618 is with some high probability. That would put Dow at 12400 at the end of c. A more or less truncated c is in agreement with c of 2 of 1.

Original Chart:

Today’s Chart:

Original post: Time relationship, internal and external trendlines, put the c below 12400 at the end of this week or at 12500 at year's end.

Original Chart:

Today’s Chart:

Original post: And last but not least, the Dollar can make a last push before retracing and then not look back for a long time, the inverse relationship between markets and Dollar could work like this.

Original Charts:

Today Charts:

This supposed wave 2 has been running for too long, maybe we all are wrong in our wave count, if that’s true and been completely short , I can only say as that fabulous punk rocker David Byrne: “You may say to yourself, my god, what have I done?

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