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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Market down Stocks Up

I always pay attention and frequently trade stocks that go in different direction from the market, some times when the market change direction these stocks are the most profitable in the short term move.

Take these two

Toronto Dominion has been moving with the market rhythm for the last 3 months. You can see it in the charts. Clockwork identical moves.

But for the last 4 days as the market keeps on making lower lows, TD is making higher lows. Now, if the markets are nearing an oversold position, TD could take advantage of the possible rebound.

WEC made its lowest together with the market in February, after early march when that low was tested, it has been in a slow uptrend, now it is yielding over 3%. Kind of stuck for the last month.  It can goes up to 63.5 for a quick> 1% gain.

I am long both.

Thanks to God for all
Shalom everyone

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